Avoid Driving In These Locations To Lessen Your Risk Of A Flat Tire

A flat tire can occur any time you're driving your vehicle, but there are locations in which the risk of a flat tire is greater. Although you can easily visit a tire shop to have your flat tire repaired once you've mounted your spare tire, you'd probably rather save yourself the time by doing what you can to lessen your risk of a flat tire. Whenever you're driving somewhere, try to evaluate whether the terrain might increase the probability of a flat tire. Here are some locations in which this risk can often be higher.

Construction Areas

If you have a friend who is having a house built, he or she might invite you over partway through the construction to see the progress. While doing so might be exciting, you should think about parking on the street or, better yet, parking a few streets away and then walking. Construction areas can pose a threat to your tires because they're rife with nails strewn underfoot; when contractors such as framers and roofers work, they can easily drop nails around the job site. Likewise, some of these nails could even get carried out onto the road around the house in the grooves of truck tires.

Behind Shopping Centers

When you drop your spouse or child off to run into a supermarket or other retailer, your plan might be to circle the building a few times until your family member reappears at the front door. It can be precarious to drive behind such shopping areas, however. In some areas, mischievous teens will gather to take bottles of out the recycling bins and throw them at the wall — and this can lead to glass shards on the ground that could puncture your tire. Additionally, if shipping crates are broken down behind the stores, there could be nails or heavy staples left behind.

Off-Road Locations

Even if you don't have a vehicle that is designed for off-roading, you might occasionally take your vehicle off the beaten path — for example, driving around a campground, cottage, or somewhere similar. The concern with doing so is running over sharp rocks that you might not see from the driver's seat. This can not only risk a puncture, but also potentially slice the sidewall of your tire, which cannot likely be repaired. Whenever possible, do your best to avoid taking your vehicle into such locations, as you could end up with a flat tire.

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