5 Tips To Help Your Vehicle’s Transmission Last As Long As Possible

Without a transmission in good repair, an automobile can't run properly. When a transmission fails completely, it will need to be replaced promptly, which can be quite expensive. Luckily, being proactive and engaging in preventative maintenance can keep your vehicle's transmission working well for a very long time. Use the following tips to keep your transmission in good repair for as long as possible:

Regular Transmission Services

The transmission fluid in your vehicle breaks down and gets dirty over time, so it is important to schedule regular transmission services where your transmission fluid is changed and the transmission filter is replaced. How often you will need to have a transmission service performed will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. Look for the manufacturer's recommended service schedule for your car inside the owners manual to find out when to have a transmission service done.

Use Synthetic Fluid

When you have a transmission service done, ask the transmission shop to use synthetic transmission fluid. Synthetic transmission fluid is usually more expensive than traditional transmission fluid, but it tends to help a transmission perform better. Spending a little bit more during transmission services may result in a transmission that lasts much longer.

Never Ignore Small Problems

Many transmission issues can be repaired if they are caught early. Unfortunately, many people ignore small problems with their transmission, which can lead to much bigger problems that can cause a transmission to fail altogether. If you notice any jerking or hesitation while shifting gears or driving, it is in your best interest to visit a transmission shop as soon as possible to have your transmission looked at and repaired.

Check Fluid Levels Often

Low transmission fluid can cause a number of problems for a transmission, and continually driving with low fluid can cause damage that can't be repaired. It is a good idea to check the transmission fluid level on a regular basis and watch out for leaks. If your car has low transmission fluid, have a mechanic take a look since you may have a small leak that needs to be repaired.

Take Care of the Cooling System

Continual exposure to very high temperatures can cause a transmission to fail prematurely. Your vehicle's cooling system plays a very important role in maintaining the proper temperature under the hood so the transmission and engine are not harmed. Make sure that you check the coolant levels regularly and have the cooling system serviced according to schedule. 

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